Hi! I’m Harry, a determined, enthusiastic and goal-driven designer who loves to impress.

To me, good design is about simplifying the highly complicated. I take pride from working on projects that users and stakeholders relish, my ambition is to continuously improve my abilities and repeatedly create immersive material that can be enjoyed by everyone.

I enjoy challenges and strive to build strong relationships with users through creating innovative, understandable and aesthetic solutions to problems. My passion is to deliver outstanding user interface applications by working with others effectively and combining best practices with raw creativity.

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Other interests

Outside of work I enjoy building huge Spotify playlists, keeping fit, cooking extravagant meals, socialising with friends and challenging myself whenever possible. Overall, I love to learn and relish opportunities to code my designs. For example, this portfolio was designed and developed entirely by me from scratch!

“Since the start of his undergraduate studies, Harry has demonstrated a keen interest in the exploration and establishment of best practice and innovation in visual/interaction design. He has always been eager to learn, push boundaries and explore his own potential. His motivation, skills and determination are a credit to him and will no doubt benefit prospective employers. I look forward to seeing where his talent, potential and determination takes him.”

Lynne Conniss, Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University