Rosie Samaras

Aligning music with photography, capturing emotion and conveying passion for an upcoming artist.

Rosie Samaras is an acoustic music artist based in Liverpool, UK. Her songs have a strong focus on heartache/love and her latest EP ‘Messing With My Head’ was released on both Apple Music and Spotify.

In January 2016, I worked with Rosie to create a concept that would be used to promote her brand in preparation for an upcoming album. The shoot took place in Newcastle Upon-Tyne and involved candid low-aperture photography, which focused on capturing passion and emotion.

My role
Concept Artist

The team
Rosie Samaras/ Model

Laura Lou/ Make-up

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Lighting a fire

During editing I focused on emphasising the striking colour of Rosie’s hair. This decision was made because (in colour theory) red represents passion, love and desire – which perfectly align with Rosie’s musical material.

“When working with Harry, I found he had an approachable personality with a relaxed and friendly attitude, his passion and enthusiasm for his craft shines through. His ability to communicate his creative ideas effectively and with ease allowed for a perfect photoshoot experience resulting in beautifully captured images.”

Laura Lou/ Make-up Artist