Nerd Finder website

Connecting freelance developers with budding entrepreneurs to build an online community.

Nerd Finder was a group project I worked on in my final year of university. The brief focused on connecting freelancers with prospective clients to improve portfolio exposure.

In Winter 2017, our team began storyboarding user flows and outlining requirements. I then designed the site and presented it to the team. Together we developed the final solution, which, included a search facility, real-time messaging, forums, events, project collaboration and premium membership upgrade.

My role
Team Lead

The team
Jack Breakell
Dale Clement
Joseph Jackson
Dalvinder Khosa

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A bit of fun

During the design process, I combined subtle shadows with vibrant colours to establish clear visual hierarchy. Through using blocky headings and soft corners I aimed to make the Nerd Finder experience playful so users felt open-minded when discussing business.

“In our final year of university Harry was voted unanimously by our team to be group leader. He facilitated every meeting with purpose and motivated me to want to do better. It's rare to find someone I would follow so willingly in university group work. Harry is someone I thoroughly enjoyed working with”

Joseph Jackson/ Team member, Northumbria University