IBM PartnerWorld Drupal Migration

Improving efficiency by making a system for content experts to create webpages independently.

PartnerWorld is sub-section of that is tailored to Business Partners. In the past, webpages on PartnerWorld were created and edited manually by development teams; this process was excessive and costly.

To improve efficiency, my team was tasked with creating a web-based tool that enabled content marketing executives to create and edit webpages independently. Our solution saved time and reduced resource dependency by automating webpage design and development. To ensure user satisfaction we tested our new features constantly and used results to make data-driven decisions.

My role
Visual Design Lead
User Experience Researcher

The team
Matt Parish/ UX Lead & Developer
Richard McMurray/ UX Designer & Researcher
Daniel Beatrup/ Business Analyst
Laura Hillman/ Scrum Master
Tom Ratcliffe/ DevOps Lead & Developer
Saul Venskutonis/ Developer
Harnam Chana/ Developer
Alan Middleton/ System Architect

Distinctive branding

To help users determine which page elements were the tool and which were the webpage being created I focused on building a visual language that was drastically different to the style guide of IBM. Making of the fonts, icons and colour choices are a product of involving real users within the design process.

“Harry was great in the PartnerWorld Drupal Migration project, he worked hard as the only Visual Designer within the team. He is incredibly passionate about his craft, which is showcased through his devotion to ensuring there is a consistent visual design even though were continuously adding patterns - to the extent that he went above and beyond the call of duty in creating and keeping updated a single document detailing the patterns, shared symbols, and examples flows, for the rest of the team to refer to.”

Matt Parish/ UX Lead & Developer, IBM