IBM MySA Signature Moment

Designing an innovative way to share success across a multi-national corporation.

IBM My Sales Activity (MySA) is a tool allowing IBM employees and Business Partners to track and manage sales opportunities with clients effectively. The tool was designed to replace a legacy system that experienced numerous problems and was costly to maintain.

IBM MySA was a milestone for the solution that marked 1,000 user sign-ups. My team was tasked with creating an innovative way to share this success across the company. Our solution: a professionally designed keynote accompanied by an interactive one page website.

My role
Visual Design Lead
User Experience Designer

The team
Matt Parish/ UX Lead & Developer
Tom Ratcliffe/ Developer

Vibrant Colour Palette

The success of MySA needed to be enticing, to encourage users to look further into the project I used colour psychology to my advantage. Combining purple, white and green allowed me to create a vibrant/exciting environment that conveyed growth, ambition and success.

“I enjoyed working closely with Harry on several projects, all of which achieved excellent results. Harry is a talented and energetic designer. The calibre of his work is consistently impressive, especially given the relatively early stage of his career.”

Kamaran Sheikh/ Global CIO Leader, IBM